China Authentication

Chinese Document Authentication Services

In order to use official documents in China, whether it’s a University Degree, Non-Criminal Background Check, Marriage Certificate, Birth/Death Certificate, Business Documents, etc., they will have to be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate/Embassy in the United States.  

Planning on working in China? In order to get a work permit to legally be employed in China, your University Diploma AND Criminal Background Check must be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate/Embassy in the country it’s been issued at.  For TEFL certificates and others, it can vary by city. Be sure to ask your Employer which documents need to be Authenticated. 

Why Choose Approved Authentication

If you do not live near a Chinese Consulate or Chinese Embassy, you have no choice but to let a trusted agent handle your document authentication. Applicants are required to visit the Chinese Embassy to submit their documents in person. My US Authentication is registered with the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC and have a streamlined process to get your documents authenticated in 8 business days.

Unlike other agencies who will require you to get your document notarized and legalized prior to submitting for Chinese Embassy authentication, we handles all the required steps from notarization, legalization AND Chinese Embassy Authentication.

Just upload a high quality scan of your documents and let us do the rest.

How Authenticate your Documents

  1.  Scans of your Diploma, Criminal Background Check, TEFL/CELTA/TESOL/Teaching Certificates can be uploaded to the order form. In almost all cases legalized true copies of your original documents are accepted throughout China.  Please verify with your employer/recruiter. 
  2. Clear scan/photocopy of Applicant’s information page from their passport. This is the photo and signature pages.  Please upload a copy to the order form or mail this to us.  We cannot submit to the Embassy without this.  The Embassy will reject if any of the information from your passport cannot be clearly read.
  3. Completed China Legalization Application– TYPE IN ALL CAPS. Fill out as much as you can. We will correct any missing or incorrect info for you.
  4. Complete this Online Order Form.

Need your original documents legalized? Not a problem. Complete the order form below and mail us your originals along with the documents below and we will take care of the entire process for you.  Extremely Important: Do not notarize your original documents unless you are also obtaining the State Certification on your own.

***FBI Criminal Background Checks can only be uploaded or emailed if you received a digital copy from an FBI channeler or the FBI. Scans/photocopies are not accepted. If you only received a copy through the mail then we will need that copy mailed to our office

***Marriage/Birth/Death Certificates must be authenticated by the State that issued them before sending to us. These Certificates must also be issued within the last 6 months.

Once you submit your order form and payment, one of our specialists will make sure everything is filled out properly and start processing immediately. During each step of the document authentication process, we will update you on the status of your documents via text/email.

Cost of Authenticating your Chinese Document

Unlike other document agencies, we can do all three steps including notarization, legalization AND authentication for $170 per document.

For 3 document authentication package, the cost will be $450 ($60 savings).

Already notarized and legalized the documents yourself at the State level and only need the Chinese Authentication? Have an FBI background check? We can legalize these for $130 per document.  Processing time is 8 business days.