STEP 1) Notarized by Local Notary Public

Non-government issued document should first be notarized by a Notary Public. The document should be signed in presence of the notary. The notary should add an acknowledge statement such as “Signed and sworn (or affirm) to before me this__________day of_______________, 20___.” and complete with notary seal and signature. State issued document such as vital record, certificate of corporation, etc doesn’t need to be notarized. You should obtain a certified copy and skip step 1. We can help with US Department of State authentication service for a fee, please email us for details if needed.

STEP 2. Authenticated by the Secretary of State

Every document should be further authenticated separately by the Secretary of State by adding a cover statement with a designated big seal, signature and wording recognized by Chinese Consulate.

Once authenticated, the staple(s) must NOT be removed, or it will invalidate the document.

When you submit the document to secretary of your state, please indicate the document will be used for which country document should be authenticated. Apostille is not recognized in China. It should be Authentication instead of Apostille.

Federal document and document issued in DC jurisdiction must be further authenticated by the US Department of State (Federal level) after authentication by your state’s secretary office (state level). We can help with US Department of State authentication service for a fee, please email us for details if needed.

STEP 3 Photocopy of Applicant’s ID

Photocopy of applicant’s passport. Please make a clear photocopy of your passport. Do not shrink or enlarge the size. Use only letter size paper. Do not cut to smaller size.

In case of business authentication, photocopy of the business legal person’s passport.

STEP 4 – Complete Service Request Form

Click here forĀ Service Request Form

Please specify your service level and return address by submitting the “service request form” Please provide email address and phone so that we can reach you if needed.

STEP 5 – Gather all your documents.

Put all following items together in one package.

The original notarized and authenticated document, and a photo copy of each single page. You may fold page when making copies. Do not un-staple, or it will invalidate the document.

Copy of the passport or photo ID of the applicant.

In cases of commercial authentication, a copy of the company’s license or proof of good standing of the company are required.

Step 6 – Payment

Check or money order payable to “Chinese Visa Express” Service to cover the total cost.

Step 7 – Shipping

Send your documents to :

Chinese Visa Express / Approved Authentication
1032 15th Street N.W #378
Washington D.C 20005

Civil Documents (Such as: Adoption, Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate, Affidavit of Single Status, Personal Declaration, Personal Real Estate Transaction, Inheritance, Foster Care, Name Change Order, etc. )

Commercial Documents (Documents regarding business, commerce, trade, etc. such as: Business license, Certificate of Good Standing, labor agreement, etc.).